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TOP 7 DIY Valentines Day Craft Ideas

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Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Valentines day is just around the corner so this year why not set aside the expensive chocolates and flowers and try your luck at some cute and heartwarming Valentines themes crafts!

1. DIY Valentine Heart Tree

How ADORABLE is this DIY heart tree! Just hop on outside and grab some whimsical twigs, somecute cardboard paper and other decorative crafts and you’re good to go! If you dont own a glue gun (what are you doing, get on it girl!) double sided tape can do just the trick!

DIY Valtentine Heart Tree


2. Adorable Printable Paper Airplane

NO EXPLANATION NEEDED! If a cute boy sent me this during class I would have been won over in a second! These adorable printed airplanes are the perfect and affordable way to let your Valentine know how you feel, so definitely give it a spin!

free printable paper airplane Valentine


3. Mind-Blowing Balloon Heart Backdrop

For the more experience DIYers DEFINITELY give this a go, especially if you are planning a bombin’ V-DAY P-TAY! It looks EXTREMELY pro-fesh but I can tell you its super simple to make! Head on over to The House That Lars Built for the full tutorial!



4. Mayson Jar Heart Decor

2-CUTE-4-WORDS! I think i’m gonna keep this one around for a few weeks (maybe months, or years…) longer thank Valentines Day! Twine, Cute lace doily and some heart shaped cardboard? I’m yours!

Mayson Jar heart Decor


5. Valentines Day Countdown

Okay, after I saw this one I DIED! Step aside Christmas Advent Calendar make room for 14 days of LOVE! Leave a little message or a little treat for your loved one as you both count down to your special day! This one is definitely on my to-do-list!

Valentines Day countdown


6. Lollipop Hearts

Candy would taste so much sweeter if it was packaged like this! I can’t get over how i haven’t found this tutorial sooner! Super cute but super simple! You have no excuses, even my 5 years old niece could do this DIY. You HAVE to try this one this valentines day!

Lollipop Hearts


7. Kiss Artwork

Okay, best one for last because this is my ABSOLUTE favourite! Nothing says I love you more than an art installation of my lips am I right or am I right? Pop on your fav lippy and smooch away!

Kiss Artwork Valentines Day


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