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TOP 7 Tasty & Nutritious Mason Jar Salad Ideas!

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7 Mason Jar Salad Ideas!

It can seem so hard to be healthy when you have to meal prep time consuming meals every week, luckily Evelina saves the day! I am absolutely in LOVE with her 7 Mason jar salad recipes because they are not only really quick an easy to make but also incredibly tasty and nutritious! I mean come on these Mason jars are just too much! Serving size is also completely up to you and how big your jar is so indulge your hearts content! I’ve written the ingredients down below if you want to have a crack at making some yourself!

Day 1: Greek Salad

Ingredients include: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell peppers, Red Onions, Shredded Lettuce & Dill.

Greek Salad

Day 2: Taco Salad

Ingredients include: Salsa, Shredded Lettuce, Tomatoes, Beans, Corn, Meat of your choice & Tortilla Chips.

Taco Salad

Day 3: Tuna Salad

Ingredients include: Avocado, Chickpeas, Edamame Beans, Red Onions, Tuna & Mixed Greens.

Tuna Salad

Day4: Rainbow Lentil Salad

Ingredients include: Shredded Carrots, Green Onions, Red Cabbage, Black lentils & Kale.

Day 5: Quinoa Salad

Ingredients include: Quinoa, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Corn & Peas.
Potato Salad

Day 6: Beet Kale Salad

Ingredients include: Cooked Beetroot, Chickpeas, Cucumbers, Tomatoes & Kale.
Try this with a Balsamic Vinaigrette or Pomegranate Vinaigrette!

Beet Kale Salad
Day 7: Potato Salad

Ingredients include: Sautéed Potatoes with Salt & Pepper, Carrots, Yellow Beetroot, Chives & Spinach

Potato Salad

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