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Top 7 Slow-cooker Recipe’s Your Valentines Date Will Love!

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Nothing says “I Love You” more than an amazing homecooked meal by the one you love so I’ve put together my TOP 7 slowcooked recipe’s to win the hearts of all your Valentines Dates! Don’t forget to check out the source below each recipe to find the incredients and method on how you can cook up a storm this Valentines Day!


1. Pineapple Chicken

There seems to be a heated debate online whether Pineapple should belong on Pizza or not, but I think its safe to say this Pineapple Chicken slow-cooker recipe from Damn Delicious! have got it Damn right cause it’s a match made in heaven! It’s sweet, tangy and savoury all in one bite! A little bit of everything to tickle the tastebuds of your Valentine.

Pineapple Chicken Slow-cooked


2. Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

When strolling through the streets of Chicago, you simply can’t miss their deliciously famous Deep Dish Pizzas! So why not bring Chicago to your kitchen for a romantic Valentines dinner with A Spicy Perspective! This slow cooked dish will be a sure fire way to win over not only your date’s tastebuds but also their heart!

Slow-cooker Deep Dish Pizza


3. Parmesan Basil Tomato Soup

Don’t let the title fool you, this tasty number will have your date begging for the recipe by the end of the night! This simple but delicious soup by The Little Spice Jar practically cooks itself and I can honestly say nothing says cuddles more than comfort food so what more can you ask for on this festive evening!

Parmesan Tomato Basil Soup Slow-Cooker


4. Korean Beef

If there’s one thing Koreans do well other than the Gangnan Style, its K-BBQ! So I knew I HAD to include this recipe by The Recipe Critic of their famous Korean Beef! I must say these flavours are to die for I couldnt help myself for a second, third, fourth helping! This dish will be a hit this Valentines day, I’m calling it!

slow cooker korean beef


5. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Chilli with Plantain Chips

Now this is a dish to WOW your Valentines date with, it may look daunting at first but is incredibly simple to make thanks to Host The Toast! the carribean inspired flavours blend perfectly together and with one bite you and your date will be in foodie heaven! Not to mention it is totally instagram worthy!

Slow-Cooker Jamaican Jerk Chicken Chili with Plantain Chips


6. Beef Bourguignon

If you’re looking to be blown away this Valentines day look no further than The Recipe Critic’s Beef Stew! I know what you’re thinking, Beef Stew for Valentines Day? Who gets excited about a beef stew? EVERYONE. EVERYONE SHOULD BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS BEEF STEW BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. The way the flavours work together and how the beef just melts in your mouth should be enough to get your Valentines date to come back around next year!

Beef Bourguignon


7. Teriyaki Chicken

How could I not include the fail proof Teriyaki Chicken bowl for a Valentines Dinner Date idea! When all else fails, this mouthwatering recipe will always save the day for any occasion, especially the ones that effect the matters of the heart, or maybe its the stomach? Well whatever is it, this recipe from Well Plated gets a YES from me!

Slowcooked Teriyaki Chicken with terikayi sauce


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