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8 ways you can become a happier person with exercise!

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The two biggest new years resolution is generally always to get fitter and happier so why not kill two bird with one stone! Below is 16 ways you can become a happier person with exercise!

1. Lowers Stress, Anxiety & Depression


Exercising is known to release Dopamine, a chemical responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness. Therefore, Exercising is an excellent way to provide long term relief for those suffering stress, anxiety and depression by giving you that much needed mood boosting!

2. Energy Booster


Sometimes I must say┬áI am not up for those 6AM workouts before the sunrises, but you do have to admit that you feel AMAZING afterwards. That’s because exercise fuels you with the energy and gives you boost for the day which makes you infinitely happier!

3. More Self-confidence


Nothing feels as good as finishing a workout routine and feeling that sense of accomplishment! Exercising is certainly a great way to boost your self-confidence by watching your body change into what you’re working towards! Who wouldn’t be happier about that!

4. Be more Social


The saying “The more the merrier” definitely applies to exercising as well! Some studies have shown you can get better results from exercising with a partner or with friends! Of course, in addition, we are all generally a happier bunch when surrounded by friends!

5. Get Better Sleep


Insomnia giving you a little trouble falling asleep at night? Studies have shown that exercising regularly can help with the quality of sleep you are getting! We all know how much happier we are when we’ve had a good nights sleep!

6. A More productive You


People who work out regularly also show signs of being a lot more productive at work! A more productive you is definitely a happier YOU! So get those creative juices flowing after a great workout!

7. A Memory Booster


I hate that feeling when I get remember the things I need to and it can often affect my mood. So when I heard exercising can help with memory I was amazed! Exercise can actually increase your cognitive abilities associated with memory so get on that workout!

8. Increase Brain power


Getting a good cardio workout is linked to producing more brain cells than those that don’t! So renew and recharge your brain and be one step closer to a happier you!

Originally posted 2017-02-03 13:52:21.

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