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7 DIY Garlands for Every Festive Occasion!

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Garlands are probably the KINGS of festive decorations whether its for Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving or just to spice up the room! They are a perfect way to theme a party and really make any space insta-worthy! So check out 9 DIY Garlands for Every Festive Occasion!

1. DIY Metal Leaf Garland

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This DIY garland looks fancy but it’s actually really easy to make. Once you make one leaf, the next few will work up so quickly. If you love all things metallic, I definitely recommend investing in some of the metal working tools. There are just so many things you can do with these malleable metallic sheets!

2. DIY Charm Bracelet Garland

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If there’s one thing I love making, it’s a fun garland. For today’s project, I made a giant DIY charm bracelet garland inspired, of course, by vintage charm bracelets! I love the idea of making this to decorate for a DIY necklace or bracelet making party, or even as permanent décor in a girl’s bedroom. Shop around your craft or dollar store for fun shapes to turn into the jumbo charms–coming up with cute ideas is half the fun!

3. DIY Halloween Cat Garland

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This cat garland will definitely change your superstitions if you have any (LOOK HOW CUTE THESE ARE) It’s described to be used for halloween but, lets face it, EVERY crazy cat lady in the building will be making one of these in a hot second! Too Adorable!

4. DIY Scalloped Crepe Paper Garland


This fun scalloped paper garland is perfect to hang in your office or the next party you’re throwing! It’s super versatile for any occasion and SO easy to make! Can’t wait to try it out xx

5. DIY Paper Flower Garland Backdrop

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Okay. Stop. This is too much. How GORGEOUS is this PAPER Flower Garland. YES PAPER! Not only does it give Kim K’s flower wall a run for it’s money, its so easy to make with minimal cash! This is definitely happening in my bedroom!

6. DIY Fruit Balloons

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Who needs a fruit bowl when you can have a FRUIT GARLAND! How adorable is this garland though… You can create virtually any fruit you can think of with balloons and paper, when can I get started?!?

7. DIY Felt Ball garland

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Who knew felt balls could make such an awesome garland??? The different colors paired together gives it a very cosy feel, perfect for any room that needs a little TLC!

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments! Happy DIYing! xx

Originally posted 2017-01-31 19:32:01.

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