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3 Amazing DIY Ideas For Diet Coke Cans

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3 Amazing DIY Ideas for Diet Coke Cans

If you’re anything like us, you consume a lot of Diet Coke. Nevertheless, it’s difficult not to really feel regret pangs watching the empty containers pile up in your recycling bin. As an example, did you recognize that the Container Recycling Institute estimates 36 billion aluminum cans were put in garbage dumps in 2012?

That’s why we’re enjoying these Diet Coke Can Hacks from Brooke at What’s Up Mamas: watch as she upcycles these prospective pieces of garbage into incredible little items of home design.

Who knew you could transform a piece of aluminum into something so fabulous?

DIY | 3 Amazing Diet Coke Can Hacks by WhatsUpMoms

Originally posted 2016-04-06 07:02:32.

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